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Public Domain Encyclopedia vol. II: Black Terror!

2015 edition!Updated Modern Appearances of Characters!Updated Copyright and trademark information!New Art!The Public Domain Encyclopedia (or PDE) is a book series dedicated to the lost treasures of the Golden Age comics industry that are freely available to all. No cost, no charge.The 2nd volume is dedicated to Black Terror, Better /Nedor/Standard flagship character during the Golden Age (1938-1956).This volume of the PDE aims at carrying out a full character analysis, providing insight on Black Terror himself, the narrative principles that brought to his conceptualization, his supporting cast and villains, as well as his real-life creators.Black Terror’s Golden Age and modern appearances are also added to the book, as well as the copyright and trademark status and a table collecting the summary of the character’s Golden Age adventures.An in-depth analysis of Better/Nedor/Stardard sidekicks role and evolution through the Golden Age is also in the book.All sections are fully illustrated with black & white fully original illustrations (in full color for the Kindle edition), pin-ups and splash-pages, granting a reading that goes far beyond the simple understanding of historical data, proving that the Funny Pages of the past are still enjoyable for all.

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