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Tnteam #0 - The Die Is Cast!

New Atlantis... A dire Alien Invasion has just ended... From the blood-stained wreckage, a new generation of heroes rises... They are young, powerful and extreme... Nothing can stop them as they claim their rightful place in the world... except, perhaps themselves... #0 intruduces the main characters, TNTeam members: Multix, Firefrost, Sapphyre, Tally Hawk, Amber Bee, Exo-Kid, Pixel, Kick-Off and Mode-3. It also introduces Firelion, African-American hero of the Golden Age and the mysterious Wildcard. The second part of the book tells how the TNTeam concept was developed. Interractive links to additional materials are added to provide a more enjoyable experience. Optimized for Ipad and Samsung Galaxy S5/S6

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