Una Porta sul Passato on Amazon


Una Porta sul Passato, a new italian novel by Sara Tacchini Hmicha is now on Amazon.

Simone is a young French woman torn between a delusional marriage and a mysterious past. The only certainty she has about herself is that she is not the natural daughter of Antoine, the man she grew up with. Who her true father might be is a secret her mother Nathalie holds in her stubborn heart, unwilling to reveal it to her daughter. When an unexpected tragedy in the family shakes Simone’s equilibrium she has no choice but to go on a personal quest to find her origins. Her steps will bring her trough France and to Morocco, where she will finally rediscover herself. Her Journey will not only answer her questions but will make her experience the full range of human feelings with an over-bearing intensity.

Sara Tacchini Hmicha was born in Trentino, Italy, in 1979. Today she lives in the Pisa countryside with her two children and her husband. Her passion for literature started at a very early age, when she started reading classical works as well as modern masters. She soon became fully conversant with several writing techniques; she currently combines with her own personal style. Her first attempts at writing are from an early age, spawning a rich literary production she fine-tuned for a long time, seeking an almost perfect mix between content and style. Today, Sara can be placed among the modern authors, whose works are influenced by neo-existentialism. More infos about her and her works, can be found on her blog (in Italian): www.lascatolaviola.blogspot.it

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