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A Golden Age Christman Present!

The fifth Volume of the public domain Encyclopedia is available on Amazon in print and digital format for Kindle!

It is dedicated to Harry A. Chesler, one of the very first entrepreneur in the field of comics during the Golden Age. Was he a ruthless businessman or a philanthropist? A farsighted manager or an opportunity seeker? This volume is divided in 3 macro-sections: an introduction describing the history of Chesler comics, Harry A. Chesler’s bio, and the history of the comic packagers during the Golden Age. Section 2 focuses on Chesler’s superheroes, providing insights on their creation and conceptualization, their publishing life and their actual copyright and trademark status. The last part is an updated summary of the copyright status of Chesler Golden Age titles, providing registration and renewal numbers dates and owners. A trademark table completes this section summarizing the registered trademark of each of the characters.

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