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Art of the Unknown

The Art of the Unknown is a collection of sketchbooks dedicated to artists working in the artistic business who had not yet the chance to publish a collection of their works. It is also aimed at young, emerging artists ambitious enough to test their skills against the public preferences and opinions.
Meant to act as a springboard for talented men and women seeking a career advancement in the artistic field, it aims to put on the shelves qualitative books collecting the very words and comments of each artist along with their best or more obscure pieces of art.
The art of Unknown book collection is like a window on yet-to-be-discovered worlds full of art as much as real professional experience of people who dare to dream beyond imagination.

Magiks: the Crazy Art of L'Aura available on and Kindle.

Tacticles: the Art of Geranto - Touch to Believe available on and Kindle.

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