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Public Domain Encyclopedia

The Public Domain Encyclopedia (or PDE) is a book series dedicated to the lost treasures of the Golden Age comics industry that are freely available to all. No cost, no charge. The 1st volume is dedicated to the Superheroes of the Better/Nedor/Standard/Pines Publications, a now dead publisher that issued comic books during the Golden Age (1938-1956). Recently, these characters raised the attention of many established modern comic book experts, readers and publishers, contributing to re-invent the way old comics are read, interpreted and understood in light of the historical events of the 20th Century.

Public Domain Encyclopedia vol. I: Nedor Superheroes available on and Kindle.

Public Domain Encyclopedia vol. II: Black Terror! available on and Kindle.

Nedor Superheroes: Public Domain Encyclopedia vol. I - Deluxe Edition available on

Public Domain Encyclopedia vol. III: Centaur Super-Powered Pioneers available on and Kindle.

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