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Renya the Turtletaur Travel Journal

For Millennia, the Empire of the Cuirassed (human/crustacean hybrids) clashed with the Corsairs of the Gem Isles (human/cephalopod hybrids) to control the Pristine Bay. The cause of the war is lost in the mists of time. Legends say the two princesses of the Ancient Court, who are the ancestors of both the Cuirassed and the Corsairs, killed each other during their wedding party.
The history of the Pristine Bay, the habits, the society and the creatures living in the Bay are collected in the travel journal of Renya, a wanderer, an archaeologist and a dancer, travelling the places of the world which are unknown to humans.
This Travel Journal is the first of series of illustrated books, collecting the discoveries of the Turtletaur.

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